A Presentation of “Taiwan meets South and West Asia“

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Nov 18, 2017 00:13
A Presentation of “Taiwan meets South and West Asia“
This year, the ministry of culture funded artists and artistic groups going to India, Nepal, Turkey, Israel and Russia to do cultural exchanges. Today I went to their presentation. There diverse forms of the cultural exchanges such as visual arts, dance. Drums, film and diabolo. They were all amazing. I thought It was meaningful event which not only helped people to understand other countries’ cultures more and but also let the world know the charming of Taiwanese culture. I had been interested in West Asian and Russian culture, today I also moved by the passion of these people too.
By the way, I was met a Russian who spoke Mandarin fluently. Therefore, I tried saying hello in simple Russian to him, and he did not respond to me in Russian but continued to say “I think Russian is difficult. My boss often corrected my Russian.”
I felt sorry to my college Russian teacher. I should find time to review my Russian.
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