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Nov 13, 2016 23:31
Today, I went to ART TAIPEI 2016 with one of my college friend. Art Taipei is an international exposition for promoting arts and art trading. This my third time to visit ART TAIPEI. Compared with visiting galleries, it is more relaxing and freer to take part in this exposition. For people who do not know arts like me can still have fun in it. Though we do not have money to buy or invest these artic works, we can appreciate different genres of arts and enjoy the beauty of various paintings. In addition, we can more or less know the trend of art market in this region. It does expand our visions. We walked around while discussing each other which artic works we prefer. My friend prefer vivid colored and humorous works. And I prefer light colored, recluse, scenic paintings. I also love arts with ancient and orient styles no matter from China, Japan or Korea. Besides, both of us love childlike arts with elements from fairy tales. We had nice and rewarding time this afternoon.