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Sep 6, 2019 08:49

So how do we proceed in our quest for happiness? Very often, we look outside. We think that if we could gather this and that, all the conditions, something that we say, "Everything to be happy -- to have everything to be happy." That very sentence already reveals the doom, destruction of happiness. To have everything. If we miss something, it collapses. And also, when things go wrong, we try to fix the outside so much, but our control of the outer world is limited, temporary, and often, illusory. So now, look at inner conditions. Aren't they stronger? Isn't it the mind that translates the outer condition into happiness and suffering? And isn't that stronger? We know, by experience, that we can be what we call "a little paradise," and yet, be completely unhappy within.

那我們該如何追求快樂?很多時候,我們都向外求 認為要是能得到某些事物、滿足所有條件 要是能擁有一切,就能快樂 擁有一切,就能快樂 這句話就注定了毀滅快樂 擁有一切,表示要是少一樣,就不成立 此外,要是出了差錯,我們常常只想到彌補表面 但我們對於外在世界的控制卻如此有限、短暫且常流於不切實際 因此,現在起試著看看內在。那是不是更有力? 將外在狀況詮釋成快樂或苦難的不正是「心」嗎? 心,是不是更強大? 因為經驗我們知道,即使身在天堂 我們的內心也可能一點都不快樂