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Aug 20, 2019 08:34

But then, if you look in the literature, East and West, you can find incredible diversity of definition of happiness. Some people say, I only believed in remembering the past, imagining the future, never the present. Some people say happiness is right now; it's the quality of the freshness of the present moment. And that led Henri Bergson, the French philosopher, to say, "All the great thinkers of humanity have left happiness in the vague so that each of them could define their own terms."

-Matthieu Ricard
若深究東西方文學 我們發現快樂的定義好多、好不一樣 有些人說我只相信不忘過去 展望未來,當下只是白駒過隙沒有關係 另外一些人說快樂就是活在當下 當下所有新鮮事就是快樂的起點 這樣的狀況正如法國哲學家伯格森所說 所有偉大的人文思想家都只籠統的定義快樂 這樣一來,每個人都能有不同的詮釋
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