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Sep 13, 2019 08:50

We have to know from ourselves, there are certain states of mind that are conducive to this flourishing, to this well-being, what the Greeks called eudaimonia, flourishing. There are some which are adverse to this well-being. And so, if we look from our own experience, anger, hatred, jealousy, arrogance, obsessive desire, strong grasping, they don't leave us in such a good state after we have experienced it. And also, they are detrimental to others' happiness.
-Matthieu Ricard

我們從自身經驗中學到有些心態 對孕育滋養幸福有益 希臘人稱其為「幸福觀」、蓬勃煥發的幸福 有些心態則對幸福有害 因此,要是從自身經驗出發 怒、恨、妒、妄、痴慾、頑執 在經歷過後並不會留給我們好的心態 所以他們對幸福有害