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Sep 9, 2019 08:52

So now, at the opposite, we know a lot of people who, in very difficult circumstances, manage to keep serenity, inner strength, inner freedom, confidence. So now, if the inner conditions are stronger -- of course, the outer conditions do influence, and it's wonderful to live longer, healthier, to have access to information, education, to be able to travel, to have freedom. It's highly desirable. However, this is not enough. Those are just auxiliary, help conditions. The experience that translates everything is within the mind. So then, when we ask oneself how to nurture the condition for happiness, the inner conditions, and which are those which will undermine happiness. So then, this just needs to have some experience.

-Matthieu Ricard

正因如此,我們反而發現 許多人即使景況非常艱難 還是可以保有平靜、內在力量、心靈的自由以及信心 因此,要是內在條件更加堅強 當然外在條件也有其影響 而且活得更久、更健康也很好 能夠得到資訊、教育、旅遊 能夠擁有自由,這都非常吸引人 但是,這些都不夠,都只是連帶的輔助、條件 詮釋所有事物的經驗存乎於心 所以我們好奇如何培養快樂的狀態 快樂的內在狀態,而減損快樂的狀況又有哪些? 回答這些問題需要經驗
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