Reflecting Myself

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May 20, 2019 09:04
I am a sensitive person. A little things always makes me emotional. Yesterday, I realized my immaturity once again. I found that I still felt inferior and anxious when seeing someone who was more excellent than me. Especially when that person who had the abilities or traits I was pursuing. It is unnecessary envy distracting my time and energy to improve myself. I had often had deep sense of inferiority for a long time. I’ve tried hard changing my attitude and I could feel that I gradually opened my mind by focusing on my true enthusiasm.
I thought that I would not be bothered by this kind of problem. However, I was hit by the same feeling once again. I need to work hard changing and accepting myself.
我是一個敏感的人,一點小事讓我感到情緒化。 昨天再次讓我感受到自己的不成熟,我仍然會感到自卑和焦慮當與比我優秀的人在一起時。 特別是那個人身上有我想要追求的能力和特質時。 儘管這是不必要的羨慕,讓我分神去讓自己變得更好。
我以為我不會再為這樣的問題所困擾,然而我因為感受到這樣的心情而再次被打擊。 我必須更努力去改變以及接受自己。