Conversation Practice: Pick Up a Phone

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Jan 21, 2017 18:41
Conversation Practice: Pick Up a Phone
A Hello, it’s ▓▓ company.
B Hello, is Mr. Chen there?
A I’ am afraid he is not here not. He is dining out. He will be out for work in the afternoon. May I ask who is calling? How may I help you?
B I am Lee from ○○ company. I have something urgent to talk about with him.
A I see. I will tell him to call you back. How does him contact with you? May I have your phone number?
B Yes, my number is 1234567.
A Would you leave a message to him?
B Please tell him that check his email and call be back as soon as possible, please.
A Certainly!
B Thank you!
A 喂,這裡是▓▓公司。
B 我是○○公司的李小姐。有要緊的事要找他。
A 明白了,我請他回電給您。要如何聯絡您呢? 我留下您的電話號碼,請他回電給您好嗎?
A 了解了!
B 謝謝您聽電話。