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Oct 17, 2019 08:14
Another way is to try to find a general antidote to all emotions, and that's by looking at the very nature. Usually, when we feel annoyed, hatred or upset with someone, or obsessed with something, the mind goes again and again to that object. Each time it goes to the object, it reinforces that obsession or that annoyance. So then, it's a self-perpetuating process. So what we need to look for now is, instead of looking outward, we look inward. Look at anger itself. It looks very menacing, like a billowing monsoon cloud or thunderstorm.
另一種方法便是找到所有情緒通用的解藥 這就要從天性裡求 我們一旦討厭、恨或厭煩某人 或是耽溺某件事,心思就不斷懸念著那個對象 每次想起,無異強化了耽溺或厭煩之感 這時候就可以試試一種自發的處理方法 現在我們要想的就是,向內求,別向外求 正視怒氣的本質 看似頗具威脅性,就像雨季積聚的雨雲或雷電交加的暴風雨