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Jun 19, 2019 08:34

Poems are made of words, nothing but words. The particulars in poems are like the particularities, the personalities, that distinguish people from one another. Poems are easy to share, easy to pass on, and when you read a poem, you can imagine someone's speaking to you or for you, maybe even someone far away or someone made up or someone deceased.
詩是由文字組成,就只是文字而已。 但詩的不同特質,就像是人們之間互異的個性,區別著彼此的不同。 詩文容易被分享、被傳承,而當你讀一篇詩, 你能夠想像有人正在 傳達訊息給你、為你發聲,甚至是一個與你相隔遙遠的人、 或虛構的人、又或者是已故的人。