Dragon’s Delusion (2)

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May 31, 2018 15:33
The simple dialogues touched my heart directly. I wrote down some lines I liked.
“Mankind is giving up their soul for no more pain.”
”Why do you want to go back?”
”Because I am not anyone’s tool. I want to have my own desire!”
“It is this that my heart takes most delight in, And though I died nine times, I should not regret it.”
”The heaven is inconsistent by who is blessed and who is punished”
Reading Qu Yuan’s verses nowadays still makes my heart vibrated.
I am very excited for this great animation.

Li Sao Translated by David Hawkes
「人類為了不再痛苦而捨棄自己的靈魂,為什麼你反而要走他們放棄的路?」「因為我不是任何人的工具」、「我要有自己的慾望」,屈原的《離騷》、《天問》「亦余心之所善兮 雖九死其猶未悔」、「天命反側,何罰何祐?」(天命從來反覆無常,何者受懲何者得佑),在新的情境吟出這些詩句,同樣讓人震動。
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