The ‘Imaginary’ home-cooking soup noodle

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Jun 24, 2016 23:22
The ‘Imaginary’ home-cooking soup noodle
Today, I wanted to cook a meal which my father he likes. He said, he wanted to eat home-cooking soup noodle in his childhood’s memory. I have never eaten that cuisine before, so I could only cook home-cooking soup noodle through my imagination. It was a kind of cuisine in past poor period. Therefore, the materials were simple. I fried green onion, garlic, and pork chops which were cut smaller and flavored by soy source. Then, I poured a can of stock soup, and put shredded eggs into the pod. Finally, I put noodle to the soup, waiting for the boiling of soup.
My father and I were satisfied with the soup noodle, though it was not the one in his memory. We felt this ‘Imaginary’ home-cooking soup noodle has a kind of delightful and simple taste.