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Aug 22, 2019 08:40


One of the most common ones is happiness and pleasure. But if you look at the characteristics of those two, pleasure is contingent upon time, upon its object, upon the place. It is something that -- changes of nature. Beautiful chocolate cake: first serving is delicious, second one not so much, then we feel disgust.
It is not something that is radiating outside. Like, you can feel intense pleasure and some others around you can be suffering a lot.

-Matthieu Ricard

最常見的就是將「快樂」與「享樂」混為一談 不過要是深入研究兩者的特性 「享樂」因時、物、地變異 它的本質本來就是會變的 一個好美的巧克力蛋糕,第一片好好吃 第二片就不那麼好吃了,再吃更多就膩了
… 享樂不是由內而外的 好比一個人感到極度的享樂時 身邊的一些人同時卻深深受苦