Work-in-progress: Every Time You Walk into Our Class

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Aug 19, 2019 01:16
Work-in-progress: Every Time You Walk into Our Class
These two days, I went to these special workshop and performance. There were ten workshop which gave students interactive lessons to let them participate the creation of a complete performance. It was progressive process and every spoken word in the different lessons were recorded in transcripts which could be downloaded on the Internet. That is, the audiences’ participations were part of the artwork.
Yesterday was the last lesson. There were many chairs which were put in shape of pyramid. The teacher leaded the students to share their feelings about the different seats which referred to the position of oneself both in their mind and outer world.
Of course, the shape of pyramid symbolized social class and hierarchy.
Today was the formal performance. It was a solo play by the teacher.
Unexpectedly, I was called to read the lines in front of other audiences. It was totally impromptu. I didn’t want to destroy the play so tried my best to read the lines with affections. However, I was still very nervous.
這兩天去了這個特別的工作坊及演出。 這有10堂課給了學生互動課程,讓學生能參與創作一齣完整演出的過程。這是個漸進式的過程,課堂中的每一個字會被記錄成逐字稿放到網站上供下載。也就是觀眾的參與也是藝術的一部分。昨天是最後一堂課,椅子被排成了金字塔形狀。老師帶領學生去分享他們對不同位置的感覺,這些位置也代表了自己的定位,包涵自我的內心及外在世界。