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Aug 28, 2019 08:51


Look at the waves coming near the shore. When you are at the bottom of the wave, you hit the bottom. You hit the solid rock. When you are surfing on the top, you are all elated. So you go from elation to depression -- there's no depth. Now, if you look at the high sea, there might be beautiful, calm ocean, like a mirror. There might be storms, but the depth of the ocean is still there, unchanged. So now, how is that? It can only be a state of being, not just a fleeting emotion, sensation. Even joy -- that can be the spring of happiness. But there's also wicked joy, you can rejoice in someone's suffering.
-Matthieu Ricard

看看拍擊岸邊的海浪 在海浪底部的時候,當然會摔得很重 撞到堅硬的石頭 要是在浪頭乘著浪,不就意氣風發 就這樣我們不斷從得意到失意,沒有深度 不過要是我們從極高處看,海洋就如明鏡一般美麗平靜 也許有風暴,但海還是那麼深,沒有改變 怎麼會這樣呢? 那是一種生命狀態,而不是轉瞬即逝的情緒、感覺 甚至不是喜悅這種短暫的幸福 雖然也是有扭曲的喜悅,我們會因為他人受苦而感到高興