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Jul 17, 2019 08:36

Tragic art, as it developed in the theaters of ancient Greece, in the fifth century B.C., was essentially an art form devoted to tracing how people fail, and also according them a level of sympathy, which ordinary life would not necessarily accord them. A number few years ago, I was thinking about all this, and I went to see "The Sunday Sport," a tabloid newspaper I don't recommend you to start reading if you're not familiar with it already.
-Alain de Botton
悲劇藝術,起源於古老的希臘劇場。在大約西元前五世紀,主要以藝術的形式 致力於探討人們如何失敗。並在某種程度上給予失敗的人一些同情,在尋常生活中,這份同情可能是付之闕如的。我記得幾年前,當我在思索這些問題時,於是去看了「星期日運動小報」 如果你從沒看過這份小報, 倒不必特地找一份來看...。