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Aug 23, 2019 08:34


Now, what, then, will be happiness? And happiness, of course, is such a vague word, so let's say well-being. And so, I think the best definition, according to the Buddhist view, is that well-being is not just a mere pleasurable sensation. It is a deep sense of serenity and fulfillment. A state that actually pervades and underlies all emotional states, and all the joys and sorrows that can come one's way. For you, that might be surprising. Can we have this kind of well-being while being sad? In a way, why not? Because we are speaking of a different level.

-Matthieu Ricard

The habits of happiness
那快樂到底是什麼? 「快樂」這個字眼好籠統,我們就說「幸福」吧! 我認為「幸福」的最佳定義就是佛家說的 幸福並不僅止於享樂的感覺 而是內心深度的平靜與圓滿 那是一種在所有情緒狀態 而且在所有喜悅和痛苦之中都存在的深層狀態 各位聽了大概覺得驚訝 悲傷的時候真的也能體會到幸福?某種程度可以!為什麼不? 我們現在談的是一種更高的層次呀!