Translation Practice 3: When You Are Old

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Aug 23, 2016 17:19
Translation Practice 3: When You Are Old
This is a beautiful and gentle song. It is adapted from Yeats’ poem. I do not know whether I can translate the lyrics properly.

When you are old
Your hair become gray
You feel drowsy
When you are old
You cannot walk
Nodding by the fire
How many loved your moments of glad grace
And loved your beauty with love false or true
Still someone love the pilgrim soul in you
And love wrinkles in your face
When you are old
You eyes drop
The faint light flickers
The wind brings your message
This is the song from my heart
When I am old
I hope that I sing this song for you

當你老了 頭髮白了 睡意昏沉
當你老了 走不動了
爐火旁打盹 回憶青春

多少人曾愛你 青春歡暢的時辰
愛慕你的美麗 假意或真心
只有一個人 還愛你虔誠的靈魂
愛你蒼老的臉上 的皺紋

當你老了 眼眉低垂
燈火 昏黃不定
風吹過來 你的消息

當我老了 我真希望