A Kind of Philippine’s Dessert

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Dec 20, 2016 17:12
A Kind of Philippine’s Dessert
In yesterday’s event, someone gave a kind of Philippine’s Dessert called Pinipig Polvoron. They were tasted delicious just like a green been cake which was crumbly, melt and immediately when put in my month. Just I have felt painful in my joint of jaw from yesterday. I guess it is inflamed. I cannot eat hard food so I think this dessert just come the right time.
昨天的活動中,有人請我吃菲律賓的點心叫Pinipig Polvoron,吃起來像綠豆糕,口感粉粉的,入口即化,覺得很好吃。剛好從昨天開始咬合的地方開始痛,大概是發炎了,不能吃太硬的東西,所以我覺得這個點心來得正好。