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Sep 16, 2019 08:41
So we may consider that the more those are invading our mind, and, like a chain reaction, the more we feel miserable, we feel tormented. At the opposite, everyone knows deep within that an act of selfless generosity, if from the distance, without anyone knowing anything about it, we could save a child's life, make someone happy. We don't need the recognition. We don't need any gratitude. Just the mere fact of doing that fills such a sense of adequation with our deep nature. And we would like to be like that all the time.
因此我們知道這些心態越常在心裡出現 就會像連鎖反應一樣,讓我們覺得更悲哀、痛苦 相反的,大家內心深處都瞭解無私的慷慨付出 即使來自遙遠的地方、就算沒人知道 只要可以救一個孩子的命、讓某人快樂 無需讚揚、不用感謝 在去做的當下,便能讓我們的性靈如此滿足 而且希望能時時刻刻保有這樣的感覺