【Preparing for IELTS②】General Writing②

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Jul 17, 2019 23:34
I am preparing for IELTS general test in August.
I will appreciate if you check my answer.


You recently stayed in a hotel and complained to the duty manager about your room. He said he would deal with the problem but he did not do so.Write a letter to the hotel manager informing him of the original problem and complaining about the failure of the duty manager to resolve it. In your letter
・say what you stayed at the hotel and which room you had
・say what was wrong with the room
・tell him what the duty manager said he would do but did not
write at least 150 words.

Dear Sir,
My name is ****. I stayed in room 901 of your hotel from 9th to 15th July. I am writing this because the duty manager did not deal with the problem though I told him.

The problem was that the shower in my room was completely broken. It was leaking and water never got hot. So I could not take a bath. I realized that in the night of my first day, and I told him to fix it or change my room. He said he would do that soon, but he did nothing. And I told him the same thing also next day.

After all, I used next room's shower, where my friend luckily stayed through all my days. It made my trip so terrible.

He should have solved my problem as soon as possible.
I would like to have your reply about above things and deal with the shower problem if you have not soon.

Yours sincerely.