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Jun 20, 2016 02:30
Stellvertretende Abteilungsdirektor für Geschäftsentwicklung und Vertrieb bei “ABCFirma” - Minsk
-Koordination der strategischen Beziehungen und IT-Partnerschaften (wie Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Pimcore, OpenText, ServiceNow usw)
-Tätigkeitskontrolle von Vertriebsabteilung
-Ad-hoc Forschungen und Unterstützung
Stellvertretende Abteilungsdirektor von Geschäftsentwicklung und Vertrieb - deputy of VP Business Development and Sales
Vendorbeziehungen - отношения с вендорами. Под вендорами подразумевается IT-компании, которым мы не продаем наши услуги, а строим наши услуги на их "продуктах" и тем самым продвигаем их самих в каком-то смысле.
I am not sure, whether the word Vendor can be just left without translation. Maybe it is more clear if I give an example. Microsoft has its own technologies and products, e.g. Sharepoint. In order for a company to have its portal built on Sharepoint, it will need specialists who will configure it. So, this company could ask the company I worked for (ABCFirma) to get the portal built, as there are such specialist in ABCFirma
Ad-hoc Forschungen / somethimes I was asked to look for particular information. It was time to time. I'm not sure whether ad-hoc is used in German commonly.