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Jun 26, 2010 06:40

Do you like cats? I love cats. That's why I like volunteering at the animal shelter.


My job there includes playing with the cats and doing various things (such as wash dishes and doing laundry).


There are many rooms in the "Cat Building." Four of them are "acquaintance rooms." Acquaintance rooms are where people get to know a cat better.

そして、2部屋がある: ミャオ・マナーとキッチィ・クラブハウスです。キッチィ・クラブハウスは猫の建物で大きいな部屋。

Then there's two large rooms: Meow Manor and Kitty Klubhouse. Kitty Klubhouse is the largest room in the cat building.

私の猫が好きだはGuinevere,Walter,Hildy,Sammy,Precious,Paparazzi,Luciano,と Smudge。WalterとHildyとPreciousとPaparazziとLucianoを取り入れました。

My favourite cats are Guinevere, Walter, Hildy, Sammy, Precious, Paparazzi, Luciano, and Smudge. Walter and Hildy, Precious, Paparazzi, and Luciano got adopted.
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