I watched a controversial video on facebook yesterday.

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Apr 30, 2018 16:08
I watched a controversial video on facebook yesterday. In the video, a British guy tries to persuade a Polish guy stop drinking on the train in the UK. However the Polish not only does not stop drinking, but also asks the British to shut up in a very rude manner. It’s ok to drink on the train in some countries, and so long as you are not very drunk and don’t disturb people I’m personally ok with that. If I were the Polish, I would have stopped drinking. Since the British asked so nicely, and it’s written on the train that drinking is not allowed. What makes is controversial is that the British started to bring nationality into this matter after the Polish showed no sign of stopping, he said to the Polish that if you have come to this country and should abide by the law here. In the end of the video, a girl came up to them and told the British it’s disgusting you use his race against him. In my opinion, the British was right to ask him to stop drinking because it’s a public area and it’s the rule. He was the one that acted rudely and ignored the custom of the country. When we come to a country, the first thing we should do is to get to know the rules and custom so as to not get into trouble. Because every country has its own rules, what we do in our country might be unacceptable in other countries. It’s surprising to see people got triggered by the British saying to the Polish that you are in the Uk and you should abide by the law. The new channel overplayed the nationality part by captioning that this man’s racist rant has an incredible twist ending. Maybe they wanted to use it as a click bait, but it’s very irresponsible of them to do that. And it’s tantamount to promoting hate between races. I really hope that some people stop being so political correct and dragging race into everything.