A Play Movie Made Game Makers Angry.

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May 15, 2011 09:25 game broadcasting
You may know, there is a famous service named NICONICO DOUGA.
NICONICO DOUGA is a web service like YouTube.

NICONICO DOUGA has many movie including copyrighted piece, not long ago, NICONICO DOUGA had a big problem the copyrighted piece.
There were many movies not edited TV program in NICONICO DOUGA.

At that time, NICONICO DOUGA team deleted those movies, but NICONICO DOUGA still has many copyright violation movies, for example many parodies using copyright parts.
Those movies aren't picked up, the reason may those movies edited copyright parts.

However, it happend following things.

Game Makers Angry for Playing Movies
(プレイ動画に対する あるゲームメーカーの怒り:ゲーム業界とプレイ動画あれこれ - P2Pとかその辺のお話@はてな)

This problem is for live coverage of game playing.

Recently, NICONICO DOUGA started broadcasting service like Ustream.
NICONICO DOUGA have a lot of movies.

Some of them, broadcast playing movie, that is the problem on this time.

Game maker says, those are copyrighted violation movies.

It is sure, but I have a good example of broadcasting playing movies

Age of Empire3 Japan Community
(エイジオブエンパイア3/TWC/TAD 日本コミュニティ - AoE3 JP Community)

The page have a lot of playing movies, but the game maker recommend the broadcasting.
The reason is to known by everybody.

The two cases have a difference, that is the category of games.
First case is Novel Game, and second game is Real Time Strategy (E-Sports) Game.

In a way, second game is for showing game.

This problem is very difficult.
How do you feel about this problem.