Let's make a girl friend?

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Feb 19, 2011 13:58 romance
Hi, This diary is long, It's been a long time.
My Job is so busy in these days.

Anyway, this diary is so long and some part is negative.
But this is my real thinking, so if possible please give me a some comment.

I was over 25 years old before I knew it.
I'm treated rookie by my company.
In these days some of my friends have married, I was a big surprise that.

I took exam when I elementary school, and I was able to passed all boy school ( the school is not high-level, second to third class ).The school is unified lower and upper secondary school system, so I played every day at game arcade in my junior high school age.In my high school age, I touched a computer and internet, and I became a OTAKU.I passed admission of technologic university on recommendation. I played everyday with my friend ( of cource they are mens ) and drank waith them.In addition I went on to master grade, and I was make an offer by good company, because I wasn't effected by Lehman's fall that is my fortune.

Until graduate university, I didn't get up with women, so I was embarrassed there are many women and my coworkers have a girl friend.

In these days most my coworker try to get girlfriends, and there are some people who get married. I'm feeling so embarrassed.I had not became serious about these things, and I had not thought about my marriage before.But, suddenly I was asked my friends and coworkers "hey, why don't you make girl friends?" and "don't you think about marriage?" in these days, so I'm very embarrassed.

There are nothing sense for the real for me.

These days, sometimes I'm asked out to matchmaking party, and I'm told " I want to introduce my friend to you. " from my friends. ( They are not only men but also women )However I can't understand those things, so I usually turn down.

I can't enjoy those party.

Because I hate drink with someone new, especially women.
I'm told " Now isn't the time to say that. You can't make your girlfriend. "
But I think, is that necessity? I think it's wrong making girl friend forcefully.

I saw many romance of friends, most romances are good only for the initial period of the time. But most couple will get bratty, finally they break up. A short time later, they make new lover each other.The session is very short time, I can't understand that. Most of them, they don't try to keep the relation.

Sometimes I say " It's no future. " to my friends. They say " You read too much girls comic. "
# it's true that I read many many girls comic.....

Many people say "I like her" after the matchmaking party promptly. I can't understand their thinking.It is very very hard for me that making girl friend at the party.Because, most people feign innocence, of course me too.And another thing, I hate me,so I don't want to know about me deeply.Therefore I think it is wrong to sell myself there.

Sure, I want to go movie or lunch or dinner with girlfriends.

But I can't think that I should make girl friends forcefully.

That feel disloyal for the other side , and don't make me happy.
# In the party, every body judge each other, I hate those feelings.

I can't understand how to make girl friends and why slave for making girl friend.
If studying or playing Let's just do that I think, but rommance is not.

How do you feel making girlfriends, and how do you feel read this diary?