The Regulation about Representation of Comics passed at Tokyo-city

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Dec 18, 2010 20:23 comic regulation tokyo
It is really pity that the regulation passed.

都育成条例改正案、成立 本会議で可決 - ITmedia News

In these days I wrote diary about the regulation, so you want to know details, please look my past diary.

Ishihara who is governor of Tokyo-city says

"There are pervo, their DNA is absolutely crazy. A little girl rape comics are absolutely no good."
石原知事「世の中には変態がいる。気の毒な人でDNAが狂っていて。 幼女強姦漫画など百害あって一利なし」:【2ch】ニュー速VIPブログ(`・ω・´)

The comment is right, but those terrible comics are only a small part, usually boys and girls can't get those comics.

I think he want to make comics to be a public enemy.
Japan has a lot of issue, of course Tokyo-city is too.
Most people have complaints to government, and recently some big trouble happened, murder case, rape and so on.
Some trouble's criminal looks like otaku and they are not good at communication.
Therefore, most mass media piked up the relationship between those trouble and games, comics, and animations.
It is very very understandable things, so Ishihara made the regulation.
If there are many horrible comics exist, there is no relation those trouble and comics, I think.

The regulation doesn't need for the issue.

BTW, You know most Japanese publisher against the regulation.
After the regulation passed, famous editor Mr. Torishima (He is known about Akira Toriyama's editor, and he came in to the animation Dr.slump Arare-chan as Dr.Shimatori.) says

"Please make comics that can blast off Ishihara." "Please make your comics as you like, if the comic is fun, Weely boys Jump will pick up it."
痛いニュース(ノ∀`) : 集英社専務・Dr.マシリト「ぜひ石原慎太郎をぶっ飛ばすような漫画を」 編集部長「好きなもの描いて。面白ければジャンプは全部載せる」 - ライブドアブログ

Most publisher will fight with this regulation.
I hope, keep doing what I have been reading comics in the future.