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Nov 29, 2010 00:02 broadcast
Youtube, FaceBook, Gmail etc... There are many Freemium services.

These days, Ken Akamatsu produced new service named "Jcomi"
The service contents are sharing comic which is out of print.
It broadcast comic with advertise (Amazon affiliate) as pdf type.

Ken Akamatsu is a famous comic creater, and he broadcast his product "Love Hina".
The service was very famous and the comic book downloaded 450000 over files.

But it seems like it's not going well.

Following link is his comment in twitter
Twitter / @赤松健: ち、ちょっと!45万ダウンロード超えてるのに、!/KenAkamatsu/status/8312115060277248

He says "Hey everybody, it downloaded 450000 over files, but no one has bought the any goods by the affiliate!!! Dose anyone buy the goods using affiliate? It is not to be experiment."

I think, most Japanese service are failed.
I thins, this service have very very strong contents Japanese famous comic.
How come it doesn't work very well?
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