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Sep 25, 2011 22:17 VideoGame JapaneseCulture
When I was a child, I played video game everyday.
I loved Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo, but I don't buy Japanese consumer games.

Video Games WERE part of Japanese culture, I think,,, now Video Game is no longer to Japanese Culture.
In these days, I'm very busy so I can't play Video Games, but I'll play foreign game.
In fact, Age of Empires was last game I played. ( It's not made in Japan)

The other day, Tokyo Game Show was held.

GREE got a big place in the event.
You might know the company name, GREE is a social networking game company.

When I think of Game Company I think of "enix", "square", "Konami", "Namuco", "Capcon"... and so on, I think GREE is not game company.

In Japan social games are very popular, but those games are the same games of the old one.

Social game developers wrote the following article.

Production is very important for formulation of monetization model.
Paid item must understandable at one view.
"Accounting production is more important than game balance"

"It is odd to say a game that charges customers \100,000 a month is bad.
To spend \100,000/month on hobbies is normal. "
モバゲー開発者 「客に月10万使わせるゲームを悪く言うのはおかしい、趣味に月10万使うなんて普通」

Developer talking about money, they are not speaking about game....

I feel sad...