I Want to Write Something Interesting for People Abroad.

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Jan 13, 2018 23:55
I really want to write something interesting for people abroad, but I’m not good at it. :(
I have no ideas what’s interesting for people abroad...
But this year, I think I should try it!! :)

On TV news, a reporter said that today was “saikyo-kanpa day (coldest wave day this year)” in this morning.

In this morning, I had to leave home at 6:30 am.
It was still dark and I could see stars and moon shining. It was really cold, but there was no snow at that time.

On the way to school where I supposed to go, a reporter on TV kept saying about today’s center test and huge snow.

Center test is a part of huge tests to enter a university.
About 5 hundreds thousands people take that test every year.

The news reporter kept saying that even if the snow would interfere the examiners, they should never give up the chance. I also heard that one examiner was helped by police officer and went to the exam place by a police car.

When I heard them I felt if the news are happening very far away, because it wasn’t snowing here.

However, I read a local news today about the center test in our home town, I felt much familiar then.

This timing of center test must be a kind of bet, especially in deep snow district.

By the way, in the center test, there was a question of moomins and the language of the country moomins were made. I never took center test, but I should have a wide knowledge of everything.