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My name's Kyle, I'm in my late 20s and I'm a native English speaker from Canada. I've always had a passing interest in languages - I took French classes through the end of high school, I took a few linguistics courses back in university, and participated in a 6 month study abroad program to Guatemala where I attempted to learn some Spanish.

I never managed to get too good in either French of Spanish, and now most of what I've learnt is gone.

Past few years I've taken an interest in both anime and video games originating in Japan. However, I've had one too many incidents where, say, a game I enjoyed had a sequel - but nobody had ever translated it into English. Or an anime I enjoyed had a cliffhanger ending, with no sequel, but the manga it was based off of continued on. But that manga hadn't been translated into English. So, annoyed with the language barrier, I decided to learn Japanese.

And here I am.

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昨日 With native lang

昨日、私は親の家に行きました。 一緒に食べました。 チキンとポテトと食べました。 食事は欲しかったです。 子供たちは煩かったです。 でも、楽しかったです。 お姉さんで話しました。 銀行家です。 彼女の助言はとても役立ちます。
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Apr 25, 2016 02:30
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