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Jul 8, 2017 02:41
I am a wine lover. The day before annual health checkup is the only day when I do not drink it. It is important to find affordable wine with good quality because I consume 364 bottles of wine a year. My favorite type of wine is pinot noir produced in Russian River Valley in Sonoma. I usually bought Cosco's signature Russian River Valley pinot noir which cost 13 dollars a bottle, but Cosco suddenly stopped selling it since April. Russin River Valley pinot noir is famous for its high quality. It has its distinctive taste with best balance between sourness, sweetness and tannin. I think that its price in average is 20 dollars. I have been looking for the replacement for these few months and finally found it at a grocery store. Some doctors advise that you should skip drinking at least a day a week for your health, but I think that the stress by having dinner without wine will make me in bad condition.