Sad Story

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Apr 28, 2017 02:14
I read the following post in newspaper and tried translating it into English.

I found a ring in my husband's bag.
I guess that he bought it as a Valentine Day's gift.
He is asleep in the mortuary now.
I wiped off dirt on his face and kissed him.
On March 11th in 2011, when I was about to evacuate from possible Tsunami caused by a big earthquake, I got a call from him.
He said, "Are you all okay? I may not talk to you in a minute."
I couldn't talk the way I wanted, because I was desperate holding my little children in my arms.
The call got off soon.
This turned to be the last conversation that I had with him.
Two cars in front of me were swept out by Tsunami.
We narrowly survived.
A hard life in the shelter was waiting for us.
It was six days later that I heard of his death.
His boss told me that he seemed to be hit by Tsunami.
I headed to the mortuary when my children fell asleep.
It was my husband without doubt who was in a coffin.
I couldn't stop the tears.
I whispered, "I love you", kissing him.
When I found the ring, I just remembered that I told him unkindly before "I want a ring once in a while, but you are not the type to give something like that."
I made a promise in my mind, "I am going to raise the children well on my own."