Check out those cnetence,please.

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Jan 30, 2016 00:03
I took online English lesson today.I couldn't talk well below centence.
Please correct them.

①I think it is normal that it takes over an hour to go to the office by train in Japan.
 We are used to it.
 Usually,how long does it take to go to the office in your country?

②South Korea, Taiwan,Chaina,Japan
 we are looks like similar,but we have a definitely different language.
so we can't communicaition each othre.

③What is native language in your country?

④There are big Chainatown in any country,so I think Chainese is really strong.
If there is Japanesetown in othre country,It's so small.I think.
I'ts always smaller Japanesetown than Chainatown.

Thank you.