Someone asked like this

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Jan 14, 2018 23:15
Someone asked like this
“​‎Is it easy for non-Japanese speakers to travel around Japan (outside of Tokyo)”at HiNative which is appri.
I answered like below. Could you correct my English.

I think it’s not easy,but not so hard. There are so many travelers outside of Tokyo these days. They seems come themselves and have travelbook and iPhone.

We are making an effort for foreigner to have easy travel now.and for Olympic at 2020. Japanese can’t speak English,but it’s much better than old days,I think.
People are very kind,but we might shy and don’t want to speak English because we embarrassing when we speak English.

If you want to go to very very countryside, situation will change. But famous place expect Tokyo are OK. If you worried,how about asking group tour?

Anyway Because it is not easy, the trip is fun.
Please come to Japan.
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