Sadly, this community is dying. (1)

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Feb 12, 2019 14:01
I remember when I first started to use this website it was early 2016. Back then, my entries can easily get more than 200 views whereas today even for those high-ranked users, it's hard to receive more than 100 views. I haven't been using this website much because I was either too lazy or too busy over time. I felt pretty stressful recently and couldn't sleep well at night. And I noticed it's pretty interesting that you felt a bit relieved when you volunteered to help others, which is basically why I restart to use this website.
Nevertheless, I was very impressed by some of the mechanisms of this website:
1. L-point and rankings are definitely the most impressive features. People usually need some motivation to be altruistic. And the priority of your posts among the others' which are decided by the L-points is really a smart incentive. Which makes this even better is that this priority is related to L-points in a "leaky" manner, that is it is decided by both the accumulative points you have and the points you attained in a certain period. This provides a long-term incentive for heavy users and also a chance to get more exposure for newcomers.
2. Correcting sentence by sentence is another good feature. Psychology studies pointed out that by cutting a big chunk of problems into smaller, more feasible subproblems, people are less likely to be intimidated and more likely to persist. This definitely motivates users to keep helping.
3. The posts from your friends will be prioritized above posts from other users but you won't receive annoying notifications as you see on other websites such as Facebook. After all, I believe heavy users will eventually meet some people that they are interested in and are more willing to help them or even build some personal connections.
4. The UI design is very concise. The designers mostly use dark blue, white and dark grey. The contrast of different shades of grey as well as those little icons is just right to a comfortable point. Hence, this looks professional and user-friendly as a language learning website. Besides, I know the developers are based in Japan and many Japanese websites look still remaining in early 2000. I guess it did take those developers some effort to come up with such a modern design.

Besides all the good features mentioned above, I also have some interesting personal experiences on this website like encountering a racist asshole insulting you over nothing, a friendly lady trying to comfort you and an interesting lady talking about her everyday life in an annoying place and the problems with the social system. Therefore, it's really sad for me to see the active users are getting less and less and the community is basically dying.