Couldn't get asleep at night

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Feb 10, 2019 19:54
I have always been a bit over-sensitive and autistic since very young. Although I can't think of any specific reasons, I've always had some problems with my sleep since the time I can remember too. And after two terrible break-ups of romantic relationships, with each time making my sleeping problem worse, this insomnia problem really starts to bother me. Often I couldn't fall asleep before spending hours in bed and I kind of feel my brain refuses to sleep despite me being exhausted and needing to get up early next day. I have a habit of exercising in the gym regularly but still it doesn't seem to be very helpful in terms of helping sleep. Recently, I started reading a book about meditation, which describes cases that are pretty similar to mine. I think it worth trying and I will try to practice following its instructions. Hope this can be helpful.