1. Greeting 01/15/2016

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Jan 16, 2016 15:54
Hi guys!

I am Erik, a grad student from China now studying in America. I come to Lang8 to improve my English and hopefully can get it more natural. You see, studying abroad requires really advanced language skill.

I am going to try to post an entry or two every week which focus majorly on everyday life and studying stuff in America from a Chinese's view, most possibly on weekends. It is sort of like exploring a new world that you living in an environment with totally different culture and history. So you can surely expect many things interesting happen right? But I cannot assure that since graduate studying is really tough. What's worse is that I am an engineering student haha.

With regard to engineering students, here is a funny thing. Every time I told an American that I am engineering-majored, he/she was like this (゚Д゚) often with a "wow". Com'on guys! I know many of our engineering students don't tidy themselves and have some odor, but is meeting an engineering student something so amazing that you want to wow? I would really appreciate it if someone can explain this to me. I am serious.