Speaking script for IELTS test 2

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Aug 30, 2016 07:28 #IELTS
The followings are the script I made for the speaking tests of IELTS. If anyone could check the following, I would really appreciate.
Question: Describe a recent news story which you read about.

My answer:

The impressive recent news for me was the three typhoons hit Japan in the end of this August. One of them , number 10 took a strange route.
It went to north east Japan, however it was the first time that the typhoon visited these area in Japan.

I'm not sure why so many typhoons came to Japan at the same time, and the one of the route was very strange. But I suppose and be afraid that this strange climate may be sign of extraordinary natural occurrence.
Melting glaciers, Italian earthquake and such unusual weather may be related.

So, one of the reason why I select this topic when I was asked to talk about recent news is because I saw the movie of Sin Gozzilla on the day of typhoon nowadays.
the movie reminded me of the east Japan earthquake in 2011 and menace of nature, and I realized that the movie was not a fiction and we were in the same situation of nature.