Speaking script for IELTS test

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Aug 30, 2016 00:38 #IELTS
The followings are the script I made for speaking tests of IELTS. If anyone check the following, I really appreciate.
Question: Describe a piece of technology which has made a difference to your life.

My answer:
The thing changing my life are the computer and the internet.
I bought the computer when I was age 25. I saved my salary every months and bought it to make my paintings and compose musics.

But I realized that it was very useful in terms of the internet more than computer
The internet became popular in around 2000, and it showed us a lot of information and relationships

When I faced internet, I felt that the huge window opened in front of me. It told me how to learn computer program, where to go to see great arts, and so on.
If there isn't the internet, I cannot decide anything . it tells me many information for my activity.