Science is cool!!!

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Apr 29, 2019 21:57
Concern has been expressed about science as a school subject and a rapid decrease of its popularity among students. This report focuses on the opinion of students about science and puts forward suggestions for encouraging young population to explore this innovative field.
Most students who have decided to dedicate their time to studying science are sure they made the correct decision. They prove their opinions by admitting that they appreciate the competency of the teaching stuff. The well-equipped laboratories give vast opportunities to conduct experiments, in consequence, motivating the students to develop their own projects. To the biggest regret, however, some students still hesitate and feel reluctant about choosing science. Owing to a widespread stereotype that science is comparatively difficult subject, which demands memorising facts and figures. Moreover, there is a widespread belief that profession of scientist is not highly demanded.
Film industry insinuates the madness of professors and computer geeks and thereby discouraging young generation from tying their life with scientific career. In addition, media often underestimates scientific researches, for instance, concerning harmful effect of implantation robots into everyday life as well as suspicion about genetically modified food.
There are certain ways of creating more positive image of science. Firstly, students should be invited to participate in Science Fair projects. Secondly, the students who are really talented should be invited to present their projects. Thirdly, the universities should organize Open Days and make young generation aware of the benefits of studying science, such as developing thinking skills, discovering the ways things work and, perhaps, one day, make scientific breakthrough.