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Feb 4, 2017 13:16
How do you feel if you break up with a boyfriend who you have known for 10 years and been in relationship for 7 years?

Maybe you donnot know why you are together, for love or for moving. Maybe you donot know how many times you broke up or got back together. However, you know that you have no reason to be together.

You will never share happiness and sorrow together. You may not have courage to meet each other,even just at a glance. You recognize the truth that someone leave, but you still feel something you lost, something absent but cannot find.

What is love? Is it like fireworks, beautiful, shining but transient? Is it like hot water, normal but warm, especially during the stiff time? Is it like opium, you may not try it but it is easy to addicted? I have no answer, but I know that my life will start a new page, a beginning without someone.