WTF - Without the Fall

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Sep 26, 2018 05:02
(Some light verse in iambic tetrameter)

O why has Autumn failed to fall?
The Equinox is past and all.

Thirty-three centigrade* right now -
Third day of Autumn - holy cow!

Though Old World's Autumn is our Fall,
And this I've known since I was small,

Doth not a rose by diff'rent name
Smell just as lovely, all the same?

Autumn or Fall, please take your pick,
As long as clothing doesn't stick.

O when will Autumn come at last
To wretched slaves of hellfire's blast?

Might this Gehenna cede to Fall
When Janus still has yet to call?

Or must I yet myself resign
To air-conditioned Christmastime?

*91℉ (with 80% humidity to boot)