The "Magic City" Seals Its Tragic Fate

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Mar 22, 2018 07:31
The "Magic City" Seals Its Tragic Fate
[revised version in perfect iambic tetrameter - at least I hope so!]

(Some comic verse inspired by yesterday's high temperature of 90℉/32.22℃)

Though spring is sprung, yet nought is well
In this the town wherein I dwell.
A searing wind doth scorch the land,
As if sent by foul demon's hand.

Ninety degrees on Spring's first day,
"How could that be?" I hear you say.
Spring Equinox, and yet so warm,
Ninety degrees but no alarm.

"Where is this place," I hear you ask,
”This place where huge iguanas bask?"
A town perch'd on our eastern shore,
Which termites, snakes and gnats adore.

O irony so bittersweet!
As icecaps hasten their retreat,
This place where A/C runs all day,
So as to keep heatstroke at bay.

This place where nearly no one strays
On foot beneath the potent rays
Will be one of the first to go,
Swallowèd up by ocean's flow.

Earth's warming fills sage men with gloom,
As higher do tides loom and loom.
Much hotter temps, yet more A/C,
O Miami, woe unto thee!

O tragic city! O dazed town!
(Please God turn your thermostat down!)
For sea creatures must thou make room,
Thy wastrel ways have sealed thy doom!
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