the book 'Warinaki-Koi'

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Feb 24, 2019 09:31
Some years ago , I read the book ’Warinaki-koi(わりなき恋)’written by Keiko Kishi who is actress and author. The story is that a woman has affair with a man who has his family. They love each other passionately , but some years later she finds out his different aspect and sometimes she is surprised about that. And soon he has grandchild and he talks her often how he/she is lovely with happy smiling. When she sees him she feels happier rather than jealousy and she makes her mind to let him to return to his family even they still love each other. And when she board an airplane she hands him a letter that is written good-by.

I thought she loved him really.

When I read the book I wrote the book review and yesterday a person who read my review gave me 'good', so I reread my review and remembered the story.
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