Just a Trial (Waka and Haiku)

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Jul 17, 2016 01:35
I introduced waka to you in my previous entries. Then, I came to want to make waka or haiku by myself. I tried to do, but I found it totally hard to write well.

マンホール ゆらゆら揺れる 陽炎(かげろう)や
Manhole yura-yura yureru kagerou ya
The air is shimmering with the heat on a manhole cover. What a hot summer it is!

※I always see such a shimmering air in August in Kyoto. When I see it with the sound of the cicada, I really want to go back home immediately and be under the air conditioner. So I try to capture the picture of the heat haze. I hope it will not be too hot in this August.(>_<)

コーヒーが ないとこまるよ 午後3時
Coffee ga nai to komaru yo gogo sann ji
The trouble with me is the time at 3 P.M. without a cup of coffee.

※It is easy. I am a someone who addicted to caffeine. That's all!! I need the caffeine for my brain.
Please do not comment: it does not include the seasonable word...

ほんとはね 目が覚めたのは 朝7時
でもあなたには 10時だという
Hontohane me ga sameta nowa asa shichi ji
demo anata niwa Jyu ji da to iu
To be honest, I woke up at 7 o'clock. But, I told you I woke up at 10 o'clock. (Because I did not want you to know how I was looking forward to seeing you today).

※This idea is a bit similar to the above. I use the time. That is not interesting.

きみのよこ 口下手になる たまらなく 触れてほしいと 願うこのとき
Kimi no yoko kuchibeta ni naru tamaranaku hurete hoshii to nagau kono toki
Being next to you, I become a poor talker. In this moment, I just wish you touch me so badly.

飛行機の 窓から見える 日本島 まだ見ぬ土地に うきたつ心
Hikouki no mado kara mieru nihontou mada mi nu tochi ni ukitatu kokoro
Looking at the Japanes ilands from the window of the airplane, my heart is very excited to dream the land I have never seen.

目に見えぬ 不安がおおう どこへいく どこへすすめば 子供の笑う
Me ni mie nu fuan ga oou doko he iku doko he susume ba kodomo no warau
Feeling uneasy is expanding invisibly, where are we going to? How can we get to where children laugh?

Tanka is longer than haiku so that I need to come up with a short story in order to write it. I can not describe the scenery of nature in the form of Tanka. I have to observe the nature more detail if I try to do so. It takes long time. Now I can't make it.

Thank you for reading my entry!!
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