Hyakunin Isshu (part3)

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May 19, 2016 01:47
しのぶれど 色に出にけり 我が恋は 物や思ふと 人の問ふまで
Shinoburedo Iro ni ide ni keri Waga koi wa
Mono ya omou to Hito no tou made
(Taira no Kanemori)

Although I hide it
My love shows in my face
So plainly that somebody asks me,
“Are you thinking of something?”

※It happens when one falls for somebody. Because a feeling when in love with someone makes him/her smile or will be his/her fuel. It is fresh and vivid. So beautiful. It might be lovely sight to see, but something embarrassed.

長からむ 心も知らず 黒髪の 乱れて今朝は ものをこそ思へ
Nagakaramu Kokoro mo shirazu Kurokami no
Midarete kesa wa Mono wo koso omoe
(Lady Horikawa)

Will he always love me?
I cannot read his heart.
This morning my thoughts
Are as disordered
As my black hair.

※In this poetry a sensual, erotic situation was composed to poem. In the morning after she spent lastnight with a lover, she distressed whether his love will last long or not. This is exactly woman, and I shudder to imagine visually her black hair spreaded on her mattress.

あしびきの 山鳥の尾の しだり尾の 長々し夜を ひとりかも寝む
Ashibiki no Yamadori no o no Shidari o no
Naga nagashi yo wo Hitori ka mo nemu
(Kakinomoto no Hitomaro)

The pheasant of the mountain,
Tiring to the feet,
Spreads his tail feathers.
Through the long, long night
I sleep alone.

※The night of autumn is quite long. Hence, I have too much time at night and I cannot help thinking of you. What are you doing now? Are you with somebody in your bedroom?
The night is long and day does not break. It is like pheasant’s long tail feathers. Do I sleep alone tonight, too?

君がため 春の野に出でて 若菜摘む 我が衣手に 雪は降りつつ
Kimi ga tame Haru no no ni idete Waka na tsumu
Waga koromode ni Yuki wa furi tsusu
(The Emperor Koko)

When I went out in
The Spring fields to pick
The young greens for you
Snow fell on my sleeves.

※It is said that when this author gave the young greens to someone who is important for him, he gave them with this poetry. How lovely story it is!!