Spring brings me memories

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Mar 31, 2016 18:44
Spring is coming in Japan. And now I remember the memories in Germany. This time last year I lived in small town in Germay and sometimes I walked with my friends through the forest. I could see deers and wild boars there. Both were bringing up their babys. They were so cute. I liked to see the spring sunlight filtering through trees sheined on small wihte flowers. Plants and woods were very different from ones in Japan. I always felt as thouh I were in the world of little red riding hood. That was beutiful.

I also found something similer to Japan there. That was cherry blossams. They were planted both sides of thr way in the University. It was completely likely as japan. I walked through a tonnel which was made of cherryblossoms. The flowers' color was a little bit deeper than japanese one. But that was also beautiful.