A Stranger and an Elementally School Student Playing Pokémon GO

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Jul 26, 2016 22:42
Since my friends recently always talk about Pokémon GO, today, I played it on my way home. Suddenly, an elementary school student spoke to me. “There is Kabigon( Snorlax in English).” I was super surprised. Normally, we are taught not to get closer or speak to strangers as a child. In addition, it was almost getting dark.

“Come, come here,” he said.
In the course of things, I had to try to get it under his leadership. He was totally a strict teacher. First of all, I did not know the item for luring Pokemons.
However, he told me, “of course, you use it, don’t you?”
He explained how to use it. I followed him and then found Kabigon. I threw monster balls against it a couple of times. But I couldn’t get it since it was strong.
He told me, “ do you have ○×△■?” “What is it?”
“○×△■. Don’t you know?”
“Of course, no,” I said.
He disappointed me.
“Hey! Please pass me your smart phone.”
He took up my phone from my hands and checked my items.
“You have almost nothing.”
He sighed and returned it to me.
“You have to continue throwing monster balls,” he said.
But, I lost Kabigon. “Where is Kabigon? I lost it.”
” No, no. You can find it again by touching the side bottom.”
I showed the screen to him.
I saw it again and threw the balls again and again. Finally, I caught it.
“I got it!!!”
I was glad than I had expected. But he just told me, “well done.”
I asked him, “by the way, how many Pokémons have you already got?”
“121. How about you?”
“Hum poor,” he laughed me scornfully.

It was amazing because Pokémon Go was released since last Friday in Japan. That means he got 121 pokemons for about 3 or 4 days. Ok. I see. It is the summer vacation for students now. They have enough time to play it. I guess, this game is so fun for elementally school students.
Anyway, thanks to him, I could get Kabigon and had fun sooo much. His cheeky character made me laugh and happy. Usually I don’t have a chance to talk or play with children. And he also might not talk to me, if I did not play Pokemon GO. How awesome it is.

“Don’t follow strangers!” I told him at last.
“Yes, I got it!!” He raised his thumb.
We waved our own hands.
What a nice evening!