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Apr 20, 2018 23:46
Writing is difficult.
Even in Japanese, which is my mother language, I don't feel I can write well, much less foreign languages.
I like writing, though.
Especially, I used to be found of writing about the working of my heart.
It was also for understanding myself.
If I could write about this, then that would mean I understand what I feel, what I want.
However, I realized it gave me an excess self-conscious.
Sometimes it is better to just forget what I feel. Thinking about the one same thing for a long time, it sometimes got me to became having distorted consciousness of the fact what happend. In a sence, it meant I didn't understand myself. In addition, especially in case of the Japanese, the self-conscious tends to be twisted by thinking or imaging how others feel (too much), but such a thought is often not right.
Being an adult, it seems, at least for me, that I throw my excess self-conscious (not right self-conscious ) one by one away. I might be on the way of this work (but it's already enough for me. I can be no longer so sensitive now).
I want to tell my students about this. And for this, we need to know others, to compare the cultures, to expand knowledge.